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Islands ask questions of those who journey there.
Will you answer? Will you go where the spirit takes you…

Facing into the fearsome Atlantic off Ireland’s west coast is Clare Island, a storied place heavy with history and myth. Sheltered within the harbour walls is a boat named The Dolphin and within her hull she holds rare casks.

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Clare Island Whiskey is a pioneering project and a visionary voyage uniting the needful Island tradition of seamanship with the agreeable Irish tradition of distilling rare and celebrated spirits. Our small-batch first release Clare Island Single Malt Spirit Drink is aged at sea for a minimum of three years, with the liquor in a gentle state of perpetual motion against Kentucky bourbon-barrel surrounds, opening up an ocean of possibilities in flavour profile and complexity. To find out why the word whiskey won’t appear on the bottle, to discover the myth and majesty of Clare Island and plan an unforgettable experience just let the current carry you on through the site…

Clare Island in the Wild Atlantic

Islands are places apart, realms at a remove. To journey there is always a change of mind and status. The long length of Ireland’s memory is here. Yet more remains unremembered…

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The Sea Borne Spirit

A Single Malt Spirit Drink ages in a bourbon barrel, held fast in the hull of a boat named The Dolphin. Her sound service to ferry folk was ended, on seabed rested. But drawn up and reworked by weathered hands, she sails again with new purpose.

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Tall Tales & High Seas

Seafarers have long told tales of great voyages, held rooms rapt and bars breathless with accounts of waves unscalable, of sail-rending winds. What better way to hear such salty stories than with a pinch of fine single malt, aged upon the sea.

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A Secret Code

Curious creatures adorn the walls of the Island’s ancient Abbey. None more mysterious than The Body Sharing Beast that this bottle now bears. Unfathomable truths remain untold. A secret code patiently awaits its unravelling…

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