Here are some of our frequently asked questions, along with our answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch at the email address below.


• Where can I just buy a bottle of Clare Island Single Malt?
Clare Island Single Malt is being sold as part of a visitor experience to the Island on Sundays through the summer months ONLY. You will receive your bottle and sea chest at the end of the experience on the island.


• Why do I have to travel to Clare Island to get my bottle?
Clare Island Whiskey sets out to develop a business that will help sustain our island community into the future by creating employment and developing the circular economy. The Captains Experience contributes to this goal by involving many local businesses on the day.


• What if I can’t travel for the date I have purchased?
You have an option when purchasing to leave the date open until you decide closer to the time that suits you once there is space on that specific date. If your chosen date does not suit then contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you on the next date that suits you.


• Can you ship or post the bottle to the USA after the experience?
The simple answer is NO. US law states that you can only ship alcohol to the USA through licensed distributor of alcohol and in addition, there are many separate laws and regulations from state to state.
Each returning USA citizen to US mainland is entitled to carry a maximum of 1 litre of alcohol in their check in luggage. A family of four could carry 4 litres between them in separate luggage.
Clare Island single malt is 0.7 Litre and the bottle is 20cm high by 17cm wide (at its widest) and 7cm deep. Please see the following link for how to best transport bottles of spirits in your luggage bags to reduce the chances of damage. Click here.
 The sea chest that holds the bottle of Clare Island Single Malt is 26cm high x 20cm wide and 11cm deep. We can post the chest separately to your bottle, into the USA, for the cost of Registered Post.


• Can I bring a guest on the Captain’s Experience with me?
Yes, guests of the Captains Experience can access the Crew Experience at a reduced rate of €120 when booking a Captains Experience. If you would like to access the reduced rate for additional guests, post booking, then contact us and we will try and look after you.


• Why it is not called ‘Whiskey’?
Our 1st release will not be classified as an Irish whiskey as the Irish Government would not extend a bond to cover the Dolphin (the boat that the whiskey is being matured on). This is the first time in Ireland that this process has been attempted and we are waiting for the regulations to catch up.


• How do I get to Clare Island?
Travel to Roonagh Pier outside Louisburg Town which is 30 minutes from Westport Town. The ferry ride takes 20 minutes on O’Grady’s Ferry and there is secure parking at Roonagh Pier. You cannot take your car to the island.