The Spirit of Clare Island Experience 2022


Join us on this is a group excursion to Clare Island, including a tasting of our first release – Clare Island Single Malt Spirit Drink ~ Aged at Sea ~
This journey through Clare Island’s history and mythology takes place every Sunday from July to September 2021. You will partake in the ‘first of its kind’ immersive experience of myths, legends, history, Island culture and Island seafood that culminates with a tasting of our unique sea borne spirit – Clare Island Single Malt Spirit Drink.

We are limiting dates for the Spirit of Clare Island Experience in 2022 to 6 Sundays between June to August due to staff shortages. Experiences carried over from 2021 will be accommodated first. Specific dates below. Tour operators, please contact us to check availability. More dates may become live depending on resources closer to the time.

Please note the Experience does not include purchase of bottle.

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