The Captain’s Experience 2021


The Spirit of Clare Island Captain's Experience is a one day immersive visitor journey through Clare Island’s history and mythology that takes place every Sunday from June to September 2021. Participants in the experience will depart Clare Island with an exclusive presentation bottle of Clare Island Single Malt Spirit Drink in its own custom designed sea chest. The privilege of ownership will be exclusively available to those who sign up for the Captain’s Experience. Places are limited.

The Keel Coin, presented as part of this experience will provide access to a voyage of discovery on Clare Island in the Wild Atlantic for clues to unanswered questions about our early history and the ‘spirit of the sea’. You will partake in the ‘first of its kind’ immersive experience of myths, legends, history, Island culture and Island seafood that culminates with a tasting of our unique sea borne spirit.

The Spirit Of Clare Island Experience is your personal journey into the Wild Atlantic. Through myths, storytelling, historical landscapes and island culture, we will guide you through a journey of discovery that may lead you to unlock the secret code.

Travel to the island is necessary to receive your bottle of our first release - Clare Island Single Malt Spirit Drink ~ Aged at Sea.

CREW DISCOUNT AVAILABLE: If you'd like to bring some voyagers along, you may purchase Crew Experiences at a discounted rate of €120. Just add to your basket and discount will be applied at checkout. See below.

Note: your online order number is NOT your bottle number (due to the complexity of our online order system). Bottle number will be issued via email in the coming days, strictly by date/time of your order.

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